Our @path_youth men joining together for prayer.  Blessed to have C.P. Williams preaching this Sunday morning! May we never lose our wonder of the Almighty God!  The kids had so much fun with @danielgums, our special speaker!  When children talk to Jesus, He always listens. VBS prayers are so special.
 Each of us is to minister in great grace and great power! That means you! || “And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.” - Acts‬ ‭4:33‬ ‭KJV‬‬  Pastor Darrell Marsh tells us what to do when we are stuck in life’s “prisons.” PRAISE!! #praisebreak #acts16 #paulandsilas  All the children are so quick connect with Jesus. They have beautiful faith.  Balloon games are a blast!!
 Joel Abernathy poses the question that we all will have to answer on our Christian walk, “Will we say ‘My life is worth nothing if I am not in the will of the Lord?’” #acts20  Men’s Minister Chris Vaughn shares an empowering word. #acts14  VBS Night #3 was amazing!  Saul was “blind”folded after he met Jesus... and had to get a little help from his friends.
 “You cannot make disciples without going through the process of being a disciple. You will never quit being a disciple.” #apostolic #apostolicaction #discipleship #disciplemaker #growth  Back to School Prayer Service; our kids are powerful!  Even our team gets silly every now and then. ‍  VBS Craft was colorful and sticky!!