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About The Pentecostals

At the Pentecostals, we are a multicultural body of Apostolic believers that seek to EXPERIENCE, LIVE and SHARE the POWER, TRUTH and LOVE of Jesus Christ every day. We promote a relationship with God, not a religion; an experience, not a performance; real Love; real Power; real Truth. We are real people connecting to a Real God.

The Vision

To EXPERIENCE, LIVE and SHARE the POWER, TRUTH and LOVE of Jesus Christ every day.

Core Values
Power – Holy Spirit demonstration
(Acts 1:8 & I Cor. 12:1-11)
Truth – Unchanged Word of God & Apostles’ doctrine
(Jn. 17:17 & Acts 2:42)
Love – Unconditional gift of ourselves to Christ and others
(Jn. 3:16 & Matt. 22:37-39)

What We Believe

The Pentecostals of Titusville are an Apostolic Pentecostal Church. We see Christ’s church as a city of refuge offering eternal hope to a hurting world. We are committed to the belief that the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God and we are commissioned to preach and demonstrate that Word with Power, Truth & Love to whomever receives it!

What We Believe

The Path

It’s not where we are, it’s where we’re going in Christ Jesus. And the journey we take, follows a clear path that begins with an Experience, continues with a Lifestyle and proceeds onward with Sharing the Core Values.

Our History

In 1968, one family looked to change the fate of a region.

The History of The Pentecostals


Our Services

When the followers of Jesus come together to interact with The King.

And let us not neglect our meeting together... but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near. Hebrews 10:25

The Experience

Sunday 10:30am

When God’s people interact with their God. Come experience the power; the healing; the life altering moment that you will remember forever – when you meet Jesus.

Sunday Classes

Sunday 9:30am

When God’s people learn the timeless Truth of God’s Word. Classes for everyone from child to adult.

Adult Life Groups
Student Ministry
Children's Ministry

Wednesday 7pm

We believe together, learn together, and grow together. Connect with the Lord; connect with each other.


Thinking of visiting?  Here are few things you may be wondering about your first visit.

Questions from a Visitor




The Week in Images

 Evangelist Tim Greene blessed our church with a powerful word; and God visited with His people! #powertruthlove  Pastor Maldonado reminded the church that, by the grace and mercy of God, we have been grafted into the promise! #powertruthlove #romans  The Pentecostals of Titusville honors Pastor Robert Mills, Sis. Mills, and their family for their years of faithful service in this community. We send our prayers and love with this incredible family as they serve the Kingdom of God in Tampa. #powertruthlove  Take the little ones to prayer! #trainupachild #mensprayerbreakfast #powertruthlove
 Pastor Well's life-changing message "Abba, Father." #childrenofgod #abba #powertruthlove  God's people soberly turn their dreams, visions, and plans over to Him. #powertruthlove #godsword #consecration  Pastor Ryan Allmon's leadership training session at The Pentecostals. #increaseyourvision #powertruthlove @pastorryanv  Pastor Wells' final message in the "Sabbath's Journey" series - "Walking in Purpose." #powertruthlove
 The Josiah Project boys honoring our fathers with Dad's Rootbeer. @dads.root.beer #josiahproject #powertruthlove #fathersday  Pastor Nathan Wells blessed The Pentecostals, challenging God's people to remember "His Words are Spirit & Life." #powertruthlove #godsword  "Justification by Faith" A powerful message of hope from Pastor Darrell Marsh. #powertruthlove #wednesday #lifepreaching  Sis. Christie Wells shares a mothers vision for the parents dedicating their children the service of the Lord. #babydedication #mothersday #powertruthlove
 Pastor Darrel Marsh - "A Tale of Two Devils." Reminding us to choose the forgiving grace of God through repentance. #powertruthlove #taleoftwo  Pastor Ryan Allmon's anointed message to The Pentecostals on the precious Word of God. #powertruthlove #wordofgod @pastorryanv  We love our God and we love our brothers. #powertruthlove #mensprayerbreakfast  Our P31 girls (and one photobombing Usher) ready to serve the mothers. #mothersday #powertruthlove




At every age, at every part of life, The Pentecostals have a place to learn.

Young Adult

The young adults at The Pentecostals are a dynamic group of men and women between the ages of 18 and 29 that love the Lord.  Together they step into the workforce or university to take their place in changing the world!  Real people; real connection; real Christians exploding with Spiritual passion and energy.

Ages 18-29


TPT Youth Student Ministries is where you will find the Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, middle and high school students of Central Florida.  While other students are following the current of society, The Pentecostal’s Student Ministry is standing firm in what Jesus wants them to be.

Ages 13-17 | Middle School | High School

Sunday Mornings | 9:30am | Building 2
Wednesday Nights | 7pm | Building 3



At Wired Kid’s Ministry, a loving, educated, trained staff of teachers make every moment with every child special.  At Wired Kids, you’ll see love and laughter, all while learning Christian principles.  Who knew learning about Jesus could be SO MUCH FUN?!

Ages 5-12

Sunday Mornings | 9:30am | Building 3
Wednesday Nights | 7pm | Building 2


Los Pentecostales de Titusville

Los Pentecostales de Titusville es un ministerio para la comunidad de habla española de la Florida Central. Venga a participar en la oración que cambia la vida, hermosa música de adoración y predicación poderosa; cada domingo por la noche.

Domingos | 16:00 | Edificio 3

Los Pentecostales

Life Groups

Each Wednesday, the adult congregation is blessed with life teaching to benefit the followers of Jesus everyday. After teaching, the congregation separates into groups of different stages of life to discuss, share, and uplift one another. SNACKS INCLUDED!!

Wednesdays | 7pm | Main Sanctuary

Life Groups


Our Team

The Pentecostals are blessed with a team of ministers that passionately serve the Lord and the Central Florida community.

Jody Wells

Jody Wells

Senior Pastor View Details
Hector Maldonado

Hector Maldonado

Español Pastor View Details
Darrell Marsh

Darrell Marsh

Share Pastor View Details
Robert Mills

Robert Mills

Honorary Pastor View Details
Ryan Doran

Ryan Doran

Live Pastor View Details
Brandon Coger

Brandon Coger

Student Director View Details
Michael & Hannah Bergmann

Michael & Hannah Bergmann

Children's Directors View Details
Jody Wells

Jody Wells

Senior Pastor

Pastor Wells has served as Senior Pastor at The Pentecostals since 2007. He has a love and passion for the people of Central Florida.
Meet Pastor Wells

Hector Maldonado

Hector Maldonado

Español Pastor

Pastor Maldonado es el pastor español en Los Pentecostales . La comunidad española constituye casi el 25% de la población de Florida, y el corazón de Pastor Maldonado late por cada uno de ellos.

(Pastor Maldonado is the Spanish Pastor at The Pentecostals. The Spanish community makes up nearly 25% of the population of Florida, and Pastor Maldonado’s heart beats for every one of them.)
Se reúnen (Meet) Pastor Maldonado

Darrell Marsh

Darrell Marsh

Share Pastor

Pastor Marsh is the Share Pastor at The Pentecostals. His focus and desire is to get out into the community and share the love and truth of Jesus. Pastor Marsh oversees the Outreach, Bible Study, Guest Services, and Care Ministries.
Meet Pastor Marsh

Robert Mills

Robert Mills

Honorary Pastor

Pastor Mills is an honorary pastor at The Pentecostals. He and his family are currently stationed in Turkey serving in the United States Air Force.

Meet Pastor Mills

Ryan Doran

Ryan Doran

Live Pastor

Pastor Doran is the Live Pastor at The Pentecostals. It is his desire to have the Truth about Jesus taught to children, youth, and adults every week. He oversees the children, youth, and young adult ministries, transportation ministry, and adult discipleship.
Meet Pastor Doran

Brandon Coger

Brandon Coger

Student Director

Brandon Coger is the Student Director at The Pentecostals of Titusville, overseeing and leading students from 7th grade to 12th grade. His passion is helping youth find their full potential in Jesus.
Meet Brandon

Michael & Hannah Bergmann

Michael & Hannah Bergmann

Children's Directors

Michael and Hannah Bergmann are the Children’s Directors at The Pentecostals. They are enthusiastic about teaching children about the love of Jesus.
Meet the Bergmanns



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